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Eduware Inc January 2012 Newsletter

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Eduware EduGame! Wands Compatible with ClickerSchool.com

Eduware is pleased to announce full compatibility of both our classic and mini EduGame! wands and receivers with all activities at ClickerSchool.com. We’re also running a promotion for all EduGame! wand owners who are not already registered at ClickerSchool.com. If you register an account before the end of the year, simply give us a call at 1-888-EDUWARE, and you’ll receive 300 complimentary student subscriptions, which will not expire until August 2012. 

If you are all ready to get started, here’s the easiest way to get setup:

1. Register an account at ClickerSchool.com

2. Download the Eduware Connect program to allow your USB receiver to communicate with ClickerSchool.com. (Available for both Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows XP/Vista/7).

3. Log in to your account at ClickerSchool.com 

4. Select and prepare your activity

5. When asked “The host will control this session using…” select ‘clicker’.

6. When asked “Participants will respond using…” select ‘clicker’.

Note: You may also select ‘web’ in addition to ‘clicker’ if you would also like to use laptops, smartphones, or other web enabled mobile devices.  

If you are currently using the EduGame! desktop software with these wands, or you are an EduGame! wand owner and would like to see how well they work with ClickerSchool.com activities, head on over to ClickerSchool.com and register for an account. 

Stony Brook University and Eduware, Inc: A Good Fit

An overview of the relationship between Stony Brook University and Eduware, Inc.

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Eduware Milestone: MathMotorway Surpasses 50k+ Plays!

Thanks to our recent feature on the front page of the Google Chrome App Store, MathMotorway has seen a huge spike in the number of plays. 

If you havent tried the game, give it a go, it’s free and very addictive! 


If you are a Google Chrome user, you can install the app here.

Stony Brook students, Eduware in ‘win-win’

Via NewsDay online Oct. 28, 2011

Call it Stony Brook University in Smithtown.

Stony Brook doesn’t really have a location in the North Shore Suffolk town, but enough Stony Brook computer science students have worked at an educational software company called Eduware that it seems there is, in fact, a campus off Main Street.

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SBU Career Center Feeds Smithtown Company New Talent

An educational software company based in Smithtown has been recruiting employees from among the ranks of Stony Brook University students – to the tune of hundreds of employees ever since its owner began the practice in 2000.

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Smithtown Company’s Edge: Stony Brook Student/Alum Employees

Via Stony Brook News Oct 31, 2011 - 9:30:24 AM

STONY BROOK, NY, October 31, 2011 – Hiring Stony Brook University students is essential for one local business owner, who this semester alone has added five more to a staff that consists of more than 25 Stony Brook students and alumni.

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Eduware Inc. announces the release of Test Wizard Mobile®

Smithtown, New York — September 15, 2011 — Eduware Inc. is announcing the release of Test Wizard Mobile®, a revolutionary new mobile assessment app for students using Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. This app was developed to bring the robust content and student online assessment and reporting capabilities of TestWizard.com without having to be connected to the Internet!

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WizardTM New Exam and Question Editing Suite

Last week, Eduware unveiled the newly redesigned exam and question editing suite. 

Click here to watch the tutorial of our new exam editor

We have made a lot of changes to improve workflow and the quality of exams produced. 

Some changes include:

  • Stunning new design
  • Easy to navigate tabs
  • Enhanced search feature to find the perfect questions for your exam
  • Improved group question capabilities 
  • New feature: partial points
  • Easier to use full customization of exam layout
  • And much more…

For a detailed walk-through of our updated Editing Suite, watch the video tutorial above.

With over 180,000 questions in over 50 subjects (for grades 3-12 including AP subjects), don’t miss the chance to experience the new exam and question editing suite!

For a free trial, sign up here.

Announcing: Moodle and Engrade Integration

Eduware is excited to announce full Moodle and Engrade integration with TestWizard. 


We have integrated our online student assessment software, TestWizard.com, to work hand in hand with Moodle and Engrade. Now teachers who use either Moodle or engrade can post grades directly from TestWizard to their preferred online gradebook, plus more! 

Through the integration, teachers can link assignments, import rosters, upload grades, and view reports easily between TestWizard and Moodle and Engrade.

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